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Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Programs
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Kim Barber
    I help ambitious real estate agents increase their success through proven systems and strategies.
  • 15x Top 1% Producer. 20 Years Real Estate Experience
  • Founder & Team Lead, Kim Barber Group
  • Licensed in 2004, Over 900+ Sales-to-date
  • One of the only 4 Inside Real Estate kvCORE Peer Coaches
  • ICON Agent at eXp Realty®
  • Using kvCORE Team Platform Since 2018

From Chaos to Control: Master Your kvCORE Database and Take Charge of Your Real Estate Career!

  • Don't let kvCORE confusion hold you back from achieving your real estate goals! My kvCORE & Lead Mastery programs using my Million Dollar Lead Framework™ are designed specifically for agents like you who needs help with the complexities of kvCORE. I've been in your shoes, and I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you're not getting the most out of this powerful platform.

  • That's why my programs focus on providing a clear path to success, demystifying the features that matter most, and giving you actionable strategies to boost your lead generation and close more deals. Say goodbye to kvCORE overwhelm and hello to a more successful, profitable real estate business - start mastering your database today!

  • Let's Win Together: Close More Deals and Boost Your Success!

Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Gold Membership Program
Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Program

Gold Membership

Unlock the full potential of kvCORE with our best-in-class on-demand courses designed to enhance your lead generation, streamline processes, and close more deals. Ideal for those seeking a DIY approach with guided, step-by-step instructions, this course empowers you to achieve success efficiently and effectively.

Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Diamond Membership Program
Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Program

Diamond Membership

Get our Diamond Membership for live coaching and training, offering a DO-IT-WITH-YOU approach and personalized guidance from Kim Barber. In addition to all the benefits of the Gold Membership, you'll receive extra support to ensure your success with kvCORE and lead generation.

Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Titanium Membership Program
Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Program

Titanium Membership

Step up to our Titanium Membership for DONE-FOR-YOU campaigns and expedited lead generation setup, alongside all the benefits of the Gold and Diamond Memberships. Experience a seamless and swift implementation process, ensuring you achieve success with kvCORE and lead generation without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

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Kim Barber - Agent, Investor, and Coach.

I help ambitious real estate agents maximize their earning potential through expert guidance, proven systems, and robust strategies. With my kvCORE & Leads Mastery Programs and Million Dollar Lead Framework, you'll gain the expert guidance needed to take your business to the next level.
Here's how I can help you:

  • Give you a success path to eliminate your confusion.
  • Improve your marketing and sales skills to stand out in the crowd.
  • Share my real estate experience to help you close more deals
  • Help you build a Powerhouse Database that gives you long term success.
  • And do it all with work-life balance.
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Your Goals for Success with Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Programs

With Kim's kvCORE Mastery Programs, you'll gain crystal-clear direction to generate and organize your leads, streamline your sales pipeline, and confidently convert more prospects into clients. My goal is to help you close more deals and increase your success without chaos, and sacrificing all your time and money!

This systematic approach eliminates wasted time and money on ineffective methods, allowing you to make informed decisions and predict business outcomes with confidence.

By mastering your leads and streamlining your pipeline, you'll achieve financial peace of mind and lasting success in real estate - giving you the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Discover Your Winning Formula Set clear goals and establish a baseline for measuring your progress.


Gain Clarity and Control Set up your CRM system to streamline your sales pipeline and make informed decisions.


Generate & Organize Your Leads like a Pro Implement a lead management system that helps you focus on the most promising prospects.


Automate Your Way to Success Set up automation tools that save time, reduce errors, and increase conversions.


Stand Out in a Crowded Market Develop a strong brand identity that sets you apart from competitors and attracts more leads.


Run Your Business Like a Boss Gain the skills and confidence to take your business to new heights.


Maximize Your Earning Potential Generate more income by converting leads into clients and maximizing your pipeline.


Optimize Your kvCORE Experience Leverage our expert guidance to get the most out of kvCORE and accelerate your success.



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Kim Barber
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Kim Barber's kvCORE & Leads Mastery Program

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